Welcome Back to KumaKuro – Also, Technology :)

Welcome back to kumakuro. We have been going through some changes but very soon we will be making the apporpiate updates to get the website back to full force and all the older glory.

We thank you for your patience and will definitely be doing our best to get the website back up and functional in as little time as possible. For now however lets talk about the weekend a little bit. It started in Silverlake california, and after some networking at the recent tech meetup we headed over to Soho house with a key client and had a couple drinks. They actually have opened up a new club downstairs so that was a nice surprise.

We will be headed to Austin next weekend for the music video awards, so if you are going to be around just contact me (daniel) on Twitter and lets connect!


Cheers till then, and talk to you later.

Daniel out.